CBD and your Immune System



In the 1990s scientists discovered that everybody has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that helps our bodies regulate almost all of its functions. The ECS is involved in all aspects of your brain and body function and when it is our of balance you may suffer for those effects.

When your brain and body have a sufficiently nourished ECS you are in balance your body and brain are in “homeostasis”. Your properly functioning ECS makes that balance possible which allows you to be at your best.

Our bodies are constantly being bombarded by diseases, viruses and bacteria that throw our system out of balance. When that occurs, your body gives you signals that it needs some help. Similar to the lights on your car’s dashboard your body lets you know when your fluids are low, your battery is low and your pressure is too high. Those signals form your body may include anxiety, nervousness, sleep problems, pain, ADHD, depression, inflammation PTSD and more.


With all the work your ECS is doing it often needs help or a boost to keep you in balance, CBD provides that balance. In studies conducted on CBD and its effect on the body they have found a significant impact in the immune system. CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties to aid your body with pain and swelling.

CBD works with your immune system as an immunosuppressant or immunomodulator to help fortify your body against the attacks of invading illnesses. CBD helps provide cellular health and helps rid the body of toxins. It helps promote rapid cellular growth to aid in immunity and recovery.

As an anti-inflammatory CBD works with your ECS to keep down swelling and help reduce pain. Many Arthritis sufferers have found significant reduction in pain and increased mobility when on a regular regimen of CBD.

The National Cancer Institute has said there is some evidence that cancer patients have found relief from some pain, nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite that is associated with chemotherapy

A study in 2017 found a significant decrease in pain for Migraine sufferers in both intensity and duration. It may help those with cluster headaches as well.


CBD products may be used as oils placed under the tongue (sublingual) for the fastest absorption, or edibles like gummies, chocolate, tea, coffee, and other ingestible material, or topically, placed or rubbed  into the skin to concentrate the effect on specific areas. Each of these methods has been found to have provided help for users.

However, CBD is not regulated by the FDA and cannot claim to cure or treat any disease. In addition, if you are taking prescription medication please consult your physician before you start any new product or therapy. Since CBD is fairly unregulated the purity, potency and quality of CBD products may vary.  

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Purity, consistency, quality, transparency and longevity

Quality CBD Products do exist, but you should be careful about what you buy. Look for products that

  • 100 % certified industrial Hemp grown in the USA without pesticides or chemicals (purity)
  • CBD extraction is done in a clean pharmaceutical setting. (consistency)
  • Compounds are formulated by licenses experienced pharmacists (quality)
  • All products are tested by a certified outside lab and the tests are made available to the consumer (transparency)
  • Companies with a track record of quality and performance (longevity)