SANZ Sport Odor Neutralizer


  • POWERFUL: Patented and natural ingredient, Amezol, eliminates odor at the cause and continues working for days, and sometimes weeks.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: A safe deodorizer for people all ages and for pets. Does NOT mask odor. or leave residue.
  • REMOVES odor from sports equipment, all washable fabrics, including hi-tech fabric, and anything else you can think of that stinks!
  • ZERO RESIDUE: Doesn’t leave a harmful residue. Perfect for hi-tech fabrics and all your other stinky items.
  • SAFE: Zero harsh ingredients. SANZ Odor Neutralizer is hypoallergenic, zero dye, zero bleach. All ingredients classifieds non-hazardous. Safe for all ages and all fabrics, including hi-tech sport fabrics
  • ECO-FREINDLY: 100% biodegradable
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