Santa’s Bundle, Green Roads indulgence

$101.99 $35.00

We all know someone who is curious about CBD but hasn’t jumped in yet. That someone might even be you! If so, you’re in luck because there’s no better way to take your first CBD steps than with our Santa’s Bundle. CBD can become a daily part of your wellness routine and we’ve carefully selected products to help you get started on this wonderful journey.


Package includes:

  1. One 30ml bottle of broad spectrum oil.  Bottle contains 300mg  of CBD, allowing 10mg per ml.  You receive on of, Original, Mint, or Apple Kiwi flavors.
  2. On-The-Go packs of Sleepy Zs,and Gummie Bears.  Each contains 50mgs of CBD
  3. 50mg of muscle and joint cream or 70mgs of skin cream.
  4. assorted samples of oils and capsules